With over 300 scroll lines installed wordwide, Littell sets the standard for the container industry in speed, accuracy, quality, and reliability. Supplying over 90% of the worldwide demand for this specialized equipment, our commitment to continual product development ensures process superiority and investment advantages for our customers. Recognized as the world leader in scroll sheeting systems, Littell continues to provide the industry with the latest in performance technology. With speeds of up to 275 MPM providing output ranging from 50 - 300 sheets per minute and the ability to handle coils weighing up to 20 metric tons.


Since 1987, the UNICO® brand has been engineering high-performance drives and control systems for industry. Through thousands of systems in a broad array of applications, the brand has learned what it takes to make a system live up to its maximize output and minimize downtime, to increase efficiency and productivity, and to cut operating and maintenance expenses. The UNICO® brand has build that experience into each and every product and system designed.